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Zephyr For Jira

Zephyr is the #1 Testing Add-On for JIRA!


In addition to Zephyr Enterprise Edition’s full-fledged features for test management, Zephyr offers seamless integration with JIRA. This means that your don’t need multiple tools or servers to plan, build, test and launch software inside JIRA. 

Just imagine the improvements in your testing processes and the time and costs saved by using Zephry with JIRA! Testing is now integrated into the project cycle, allowing you to:

  • Track software quality
  • Create and modify tests
  • Monitor quality

In addition, your team won't need to learn how to use another tool, since all these features have the JIRA look and feel.

Click on the image to the right to download FREE information on Zephyr for JIRA. You'll discover why Zephyr is the #1 JIRA testing add-on.