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What Is The Need Of Software Testing

Transforming Quality to Quantifiable Metrics


All successful software launches have undergone some sort of testing to ensure that they have worked properly.  While the idea of conducting tests may sound simple enough, consider how you'll be able make sense of the results to determine if they will meet your customers' demands. Not so simple now, is it?  We agree. That is why we came up with a detailed guide to help you transform the idea of quality into quantifiable metrics.  Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn how to calculate:

  • Requirements and requirement coverage
  • Defect distribution and other reports
  • Test trends
  • Repair time and investment
  • Progress reports
  • Customer reports
  • ...and more!

We cover all this and more and provide you an objective way to calculate your metrics so that you can tackle the most pressing problems efficiently.  Download your free whitepaper today and see how you measure up!