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What Is Test Management In Software Testing

Selecting The Right Agile Test Management Tool


Test management in software development needs to be efficient and adaptable to deliver products on time and to respond to market changes. In order to do this, adopting some form of Agile into your test management will be important for the overall success for your business. But be forewarned. This is going to take some work. And perhaps even more challenging, you'll need to make some changes in your organization's culture. To help you along this process, we have created a whitepaper guide that will help you manage your testing in an Agile environment. Here, we'll cover some key points on how to:

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative culture across all levels of your organization
  • Have a shared mental model of goals and requirements that is clear to everyone
  • Ensure that quality products are built
  • Respond to changes in the marketplace 

These key points are covered in detail in this free whitepaper. Get started today!