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What Is Software Testing Tools

Features Provided by a Test Management Tool


A test management tool, like Zephyr Enterprise Edition, uses stored data to plan testing activities, conduct manual and automatic tests, and report on the status of QA activities. By implementing a Test Management solution:

  •  The testing process is streamlined.
  • Analysis, through quick access to data, is improved.
  • Collaboration is enhanced.
  • Communication across multiple project team is enriched.

Zephyr is the software testing tool of choice for over 900 companies across 100 countries! It supports the management of all aspects of software quality. And with Zephyr your QA initiatives become reality, including integrating with JIRA and moving to the cloud. And all this within the enterprise.

Learn more about Test Management tools by clicking on the image to the right. The Test Management Solution Buyer's Guide is available for FREE download.