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What Is Quality In Software Testing

Quality in Software Testing


Quality is something that most organizations strive for. Unfortunately, the definition of what quality means can vary, and that can lead to a lot of confusion when setting standards. To help bring the idea of quality into focus, it will be important to also set realistic expectations. Striving for "perfection," while seemingly an enticing goal, is realistically out of reach when you consider the actual costs and time investment, assuming that perfection even exists. In this whitepaper, we discuss at length what goes on into establishing standards of quality that are attainable and meaningful for your organization. We take an in-depth look at:

  • The definition of "quality"
  • The (not so) realistic nature of a bug-free program
  • The balance of quality in terms of time and cost
  • Testing scopes for establishing quality
  • The cost of a bug
  • The ownership of quality in your organization
  • How the QA team provides value to the project
  • How data drives the definition of quality

Read about these ideas and more in our free whitepaper that is available for you to download!