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What Is Agile Testing In Software Testing

The Roles of Development and QA in Agile Testing


In most organizations today, you will see development teams finish coding products and then passing it over to quality assurance teams to test. However, this method is too slow to keep up with the rising demands of the evolving software testing industry. Products are expected to be higher quality with quicker times-to-market. Since the time allowance for error in the agile environment is much lower than traditional methods, teams must find new ways stay ahead of growing expectations.

To remedy this issue, this whitepaper offers insight into how to structure cross-functional teams in order to yield the benefits of agile testing. For instance, rather than having development work on an iteration first and then handing it off to QA teams, both development and QA teams should work together on each iteration. By doing so, both teams have the ability to respond to changes immediately, rather than fixing issues later when they are more costly and difficult to fix.

Learn how to create a unified team in your organization and DOWNLOAD this whitepaper NOW.