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What Is A Software Test Plan

Optimizing Test Plans


When coming up with a good test plan, it is easy to jump right into the details of setting up the right test requirements and executing those tests. But there is an important step that can be easily overlooked, and that is having to take a closer look at the dynamic between your QA and developers and how they interact as team. Do your teams work separately or together? Do they communicate effectively toward a similar and immediate goal? Are they on the same page when it comes to developing and testing?  In our whitepaper, we address these questions and more, where you'll be able to learn more about:

  • How to work together as a team
  • How to track progress towards a unified goal
  • How to effectively communicate that focuses on efficiency and clarity
  • How to jointly design and execute automated testing between QA and developers

In this whitepaper, you'll gain detailed insights and key principles that will help your QA and development team work together in an Agile environment.  Download your free copy today!