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What Are Test Management Tools

And Why You Need One


Being a software tester isn't easy - especially when changes in the market are causing organizations to cut back on resources, while still expecting project teams to release higher quality products. The pressure is on to keep customers happy and attract new ones, but how can you be expected to do that without a test management tool in place? Some smaller teams might be able to get by for a little bit with using Excel or a homegrown tool, but more mature teams that implement more advanced processes need an enterprise tool in place to adequately manage a product's entire lifecycle.

You should have a tool that can adapt to your needs as they evolve and as your team continues to grow. You should be able to integrate various applications that assist with defect tracking, test automation, CI tools, DevOps tools, etc. as you start to utilize more complicated methods. You should have the ability to get status updates in real-time so you can make mission-critical decisions when time is against you.

What other capabilities should your preferred test management tool have? Learn how to properly evaluate your next purchase in our test management solution Buyer's Guide!