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Web Application Test Tools

Testing Web Applications with Zephyr!


Web application testing is the tools and processes used by QA to test web hosted applications. Testing tools for Web applications includes open source tools, tools requiring scripting, tools for manual testing, and tools that check for only specific types of defects. 

But the wide range of QA activities undertaken to test web applications indicates the need for an integrated test management platform like Zephyr Enterprise Edition. Included with Zephyr are all the features, add-ons and integrations you need to test web applications, including for the following areas of unique functionality:

  • Cookies
  • Navigation
  • Links in web pages and forms
  • Validating HTML/CSS
  • Interface between web server and application server

The Buyer's Guide to Test Management Solutions is available for free download by clicking on the image at the right. This guide provides more information on how to chose a platform for web application testing.