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Waterfall To Agile

Waterfall To Agile


The waterfall approach operates in a way in which the QA team and developers work independently from each other. The developers would provide code to the QA team to test and any issues would be sent back to the developers to address. So what does it mean to be agile? It requires that the organization can respond to changes quickly. In order for this to happen, both the QA team and developers need to work together at each step. By working together to develop and test a feature, responding to changes becomes a much more efficient process. But in practice there are a lot of things to consider, namely:

  • How will you change the working culture to encourage cooperation?
  • How is a teamwork encouraged?
  • How will you monitor data and progress?
  • How will you improve communication across and within teams?
  • How will you implement automation into your process?

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