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User Acceptance Test Case

User Acceptance Testing


User acceptance testing is an important step in software testing.  Without it, things that are expected to work in the real-world could fail miserably with disastrous implications just because they were overlooked.  While user acceptance testing might seem simple enough to execute, beneath the surface lies a complex system. Ask yourself a few questions such as these:

  • How am I going to plan user acceptance testing from start to finish?
  • Who should be involved in a testing team?
  • What are the most important things to cover in a test?
  • How are tests going to be executed?
  • Who and how will track the results of the testing?
  • How will the results be reported?
  • What aspects of my testing can be reused for later or for other projects?

If you want to ensure that your product lives up to your customers' expectations, you'll need to be able to address these questions and more to test your product correctly. And yes, there is a science to all of this to help you tackle this systematically and efficiently!  We have detailed this in our whitepaper report that is free for you to read.  Click on the download button to get started today!