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User Acceptance Test Cases

User Acceptance Test Process


User Acceptance Test (UAT) cases is the final phase during the software testing process. In this phase, actual users test the software in real-world conditions. Some of the key advantages of using UAT include solidifying relationships with important customers, performing tests in very accurate conditions, and having a more Agile development process instead of a waterfall approach. Since UAT is such a vital part of your testing, Zephyr has created a must-read whitepaper covering just this very topic.  In this whitepaper, you'll gain insights into the 5-phase UAT process that deals with:

  • Planning
  • Coverage
  • Execution and tracking
  • Reporting
  • Reuse

By understanding these key areas, you'll be able to gain positive engagements with important customers while enabling your organization to create the highest quality product possible. Download your free copy of this whitepaper!