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Transitioning From Waterfall To Agile

Maintaining Quality in a Bimodal Environment


Today's software industry is all about agile. It's impossible to escape the term, but it has become popular for reason - teams are realizing how much more quickly and efficiently they can release their products to market while still maintaining high quality standards.

For teams working in a waterfall environment, the desire is there to explore agile processes, but it's hard to start working in new ways that your teams aren't used to. Waterfall was the previous standard and it's now comfortable for businesses to stick with it. However, having the proper test management tool - like Zephyr Enterprise Edition - lets teams work with both methods simultaneously. All of your testing assets can be used in either context, and you can work in both methods within the same UI.

For teams that want to continue working with established methods while exploring new processes, it doesn't get much better than what Zephyr provides.

Learn more about Enterprise Edition in the whitepaper by clicking the image!