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Testing Software Development

Fostering Collaboration for Better Software Quality


Traditionally, software testing takes place after development teams pass off work to QA after they finish working on code and features. However, with the Agile Transformation speeding up feedback cycles and product releases, this method of development and testing is no longer viable. Instead, organizations must have development and QA working together on each iteration in order to find and fix bugs early on and avoid costly fixes later in the application lifecycle. Getting development and QA to work together in a true agile sense allows organizations to respond to change rapidly and iterate their software to answer to that change.

However, this has proved to be a difficult practice to implement in many organizations as it changes the entire organizational process. This whitepaper helps leaders tackle this issue by discussing key areas to consider when transitioning a team:

  • Creating a unified team
  • Metrics and dashboards
  • Importance of communication
  • Automation
  • Putting it into action

Learn how to ease the transition and facilitate collaboration between your development and QA teams by DOWNLOADING this whitepaper NOW.