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Testing In JIRA

Utilizing JIRA to Support QA Processes


Developers and testers have to emphasize communication like never before. Traditional waterfall processes where Dev. and QA had minimal contact is no longer a feasible way of releasing software in a timely manner. Everything today is focused on speed and agility, and that means being in continuous contact and being constantly aware of the efforts each group is executing.

Integrating your test management tool with JIRA will go a long way in supporting these efforts. With a bi-directional integration in place, both teams can be updated simultaneously and can quickly get a grasp of overall testing and development trends. Zephyr Enterprise Edition offers the tightest integration with JIRA available, and with Zephyr's real-time updates, all metrics and dashboards are updated instantly without the need to refresh your UI.

Learn more about Zephyr's integrations with Atlassian by clicking the image!