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Testing In Agile

Software Testing in Agile


Adopting an agile approach to software development changes both the goals and methods of QA. With agile, testing involves all members of a cross-functional agile team. Testing is no longer seen as a separate phase, but an integral part of software development. Testing and coding are done incrementally and interactively. QA focuses on repairing defects immediately, rather than waiting for the end of coding. This ensures the delivery, at regular and short intervals, of software that meets customer expectations.

Agile testing teams rely on software tools to solve the challenge of more rapid software releases. This includes features for collaboration, automation and customized reports. So choosing the right tool is critical. For transforming your legacy testing to agile testing, Zephyr Enterprise Edition is the tool of choice .

The FREE whitepaper Zephyr Enterprise Edition: The Test Management Platform for Agile Teams is available for download. Just click on the image to the right. You'll see why Zephyr is the Agile Test Management solution for agile testing!