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Test Reporting In Software Testing

Value of Test Reporting 


Having the right tests in place is a vital part of the overall QA process.  But these tests have limited use if the results of these tests aren't understood by everyone in the team. One effective way to bring this all to light is by using QA metrics that make results simpler and more transparent. By doing so, you can eliminate human bias and begin to see issues before they become hard to handle. In this detailed whitepaper, we go into quantifying metrics such as:

  • Requirements and requirement coverage
  • Defect distribution
  • Defect open and close rates
  • Execution trends
  • Mean time to detect and mean time to repair
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Overall testing trends
  • Defect trends
  • Progress charts
  • Number of issues reported by customers
  • Defect severity 
  • Number of system outages and downtime
  • Effort expended in problem solving

These metrics and more will be the keys toward ensuring that the results of your tests are clear. Download your free copy of our in-depth coverage today!