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Test Managment Tools

How to Choose the Best Test Management Tool


As the Agile Transformation becomes more widely adopted, the market for application development lifecycle management is inevitably growing, increasing the number of options available in terms of test management tools. Thus, finding the ideal tool for your organization's specific needs can seem overwhelming.

So where do you start when contemplating a test management solution? This Buyer's Guide is designed to help facilitate the decision-making process by discussing five key areas in depth:

  • Identifying your needs, challenges and goals
  • Business issues to consider when evaluating vendors
  • Recognizing cost considerations
  • Knowing which features to look for in a platform
  • Readying legacy systems for new integration

Once assessing these important areas, you will be more readily able to make an informed decision on a test management system and get running start on optimizing your testing processes. So on your mark, get set, DOWNLOAD this whitepaper!