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Test Management Plugin

Zephyr Enterprise Edition - The #1 JIRA Test Add-on


For software development, your tool of choice for agile software development is JIRA. Using JIRA allows QA to track, release and plan great software. So its a no brainer to integrate JIRA with your test management tool.

The #1 testing add-on for JIRA is Zephyr. This success is based on the three plug-in features Zephyr Enterprise Editions offers :

  • Zephyr users get the ability to bring dashboard, project team collaboration and real-time metrics around testing into Confluence with Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence.

  • Users can be authenticated by multiple options when they log into Crowd.
  • From JIRA Agile, requirements and stories are brought into Zephyr and tests are created and mapped to them.

View the FREE data sheet on JIRA and Zephyr integrations by clicking on the image to the right. Over 9,000 customers throughout the world who have chosen Zephyr as their Test Management solution can't be wrong!