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Test Management In Software Testing

Test Management In Software QA


Effective test management is vital to the creation and delivery of high quality software. Organizations of all sizes exercise quality assurance practices, but more experienced and mature teams will have much more advanced processes and tools in place to perform their responsibilities quicker and more effectively. Regardless of application complexity and the number of projects that run in parallel, teams of all sizes should have a tool in place to help them manage this entire testing process from start to finish.

Every team has unique needs and challenges, so attempting to apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach is never going to work. You have to thoroughly evaluate your specific goals and requirements so you can find your preferred solution. Download the free Buyer's Guide and learn how to properly analyze your next test management solution purchase!

A few areas highlighted in the Buyer's Guide include:

  • Product requirements
  • IT requirements
  • Cost considerations