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Test Management in JIRA

Full Featured Test Management in JIRA 


Having full featured test management in JIRA allows project teams to be prepared to plan, build, test, and launch top quality software at every stage of the software life cycle - all inside of JIRA.  Zephyr for JIRA is the number one top selling test management add-on for JIRA.  The add-on brings test management capabilities to any JIRA project. Within JIRA, tests are under the issue type "test", and you can treat a test the same way you would any other issue type in JIRA, but Zephyr for JIRA provides you with additional fields and capabilities.  Zephyr for JIRA is seamlessly integrated with JIRA, so the interface will be familiar and easy to navigate for team members who already use JIRA.

Some major features include:

  • Create, view, edit, and clone tests
  • Link to stories, tasks, requirements, etc.
  • Execution Navigator with basic/advanced search and pre-defined/saved filters

To integrate full featured test management in JIRA today, download Zephyr for JIRA's free 30-day trial!  The add-on, Zephyr for JIRA, is available for both JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud.