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Test Management

Buying Test Management


The decision to purchase and implement a Test Management system is a key investment for any enterprise organization. QA professionals must shoulder more challenges than ever before to release quality software in a timely fashion. Applications are becoming more complex, market competition is intense and the pressure is on to get products out the door as fast as possible.

Each organization has different needs and requirements, but there are similarities in each situation that allows us to group these into one of 3 basic scenarios:

  • Just Getting Started with Test Management
  • Homegrown or Underperforming Test Management
  • Have a Big Legacy ALM Suite

What challenges are you and your organization facing? Are you having problems fostering communication among your distributed teams? Are you having problems accessing crucial data at a moment's notice?

Get our FREE Test Case Management Buyer's Guide by clicking the image and learn how to find the best test management tool for you!