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Test Execution Management Solution

Automating business processes as a strategic investment


Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is an excellent practice for any software company to evaluate and test. BDD has the potential to have big benefits to your development and software testing programs.Adopting Behavior-Driven Development is very straightforward. It calls for changes:

  • To how requirements are written 
  • For holding some educational meetings with your teams

However, it does not call for:

  • Retooling
  • Major process changes
  • Culture shifts. 

The risk of implementing is very low since it can be removed very easily. Get the FREE copy of How Behavior-Driven Development can fuel your Software Testing Program by clicking the image to the right to learn about the areas you need to consider.With the insights and framework described in this white paper, a Quality Assurance manager can ensure that the teams contribution to a software project assures