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Test Driven Development

Create software at accelerated pace 


The move to Agile Transformation to speed up feedback cycles and product releases has created a need to change the way testing takes place. Traditionally, software testing would take place after development teams finished work on features and code and passed it on to QA for testing. This method is no longer viable with shorter production timelines. Development and QA teams need to collaborate to find and fix bugs early on to avoid costly fixes later in the application lifecycle.

A real-time test management platform creates communication and collaboration with all participants to build quality software at an accelerated pace.

Benefits of test management are:

  • Unified team
  • Dashboards and metrics for insight
  • Automation
  • Real-time testing

Ease the transition to agile transformation and build collaboration and communication with Zephyr Enterprise Edition test management platform. Discover more answers in the white paper - Download your copy today!