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Test Complete Automation Tool

Automated Tests and Scaling Agile


Automation testing is a tremendous advantage in making sure that time-consuming and tedious tests are performed accurately and consistently. But that doesn't mean manual testing is out of the picture, in fact, far from it. Taken together, you're going to need a test management solution that can integrate these tests while ensuring that your process remains Agile.  In this whitepaper, we detail how this is done in exhaustive detail. Here, you'll learn about how automated tests fit into your delivery pipelines for optimal time to delivery. We recommend that every team also have an automated delivery services that:

  • Acquires the latest version of the software for all teams
  • Builds the software
  • Runs automated tests
  • Runs static code analysis
  • Deploys software and data to an environment
  • Runs post-deployment automated tests
  • Stores deployable artifacts to a repository

Read this and more about how Agile can scale to your needs by downloading the free whitepaper today!