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Test Case Repository

Putting Your Test Cases in a Repository


A repository is a central location in which an aggregation of data is kept and maintained in an organized way, usually in computer storage. Putting your test cases in a single repository provides the following benefits:

  • Stakeholders have direct access to the metrics contained in a test case.
  • Test cases are automatically archived.
  • Test cases are available for reuse.
  • Management can evaluate test case completion rates.

Test Management software, such as Zephyr Enterprise Edition, provides the necessary repository features for your test cases. And once your test cases are in a repository, they can be used for additional purposes, like identifying areas of test and assigning and scheduling those specific tests in user acceptance testing cycles.

The FREE whitepaper QA Metrics The Value of Testing Metrics within Software Development is available by clicking on the image to the right. This whitepaper further explains the benefits of putting your test cases in a repository.