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Test Case JIRA

Creating a Test Case Inside of JIRA


Did you know that it is possible to create a test case inside of JIRA? With the help of Zephyr for JIRA, users can incorporate their testing cycle into JIRA.  Zephyr for JIRA is the most purchased testing add-on that is sold in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Users can make their test case in JIRA as high level or detailed as they desire.  They can include links to requirements, execution history, and a variety of properties.  Within JIRA, tests are JIRA issues of the issue-type "test".  Tests can be made in all of the same ways that they are made right inside of JIRA by clicking "create issue" or "create test". Users can take advantage of all of the same functions that they would utilize as if they were working with an issue.  For example, users can print, export, or link the tests as they normally would with any other issue.   

Zephyr for JIRA is very intuitive, user friendly, and the seamless integration makes for little to no learning curve involved with the usage of the tool.  Even the customizations that users make in JIRA can be carried over to Zephyr for JIRA.  Additionally, users will only need to use one tool, so they can spend more time executing tests and less time learning multiple tools.     

To try creating a test case in JIRA for yourself, download the free 30-day trial.