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Test Automation Integration

Accelerate Your Testing by Integrating an Any Automation Tool You Want


With the growth of agile methodologies and the emphasis on time to market, you need to leverage all the resources at your disposal to keep up with the competition. One of the most effective ways of achieving this speed is through the use of test automation tools. By automating repeatable and scalable tasks that would normally take testers multiple hours through manual efforts, you free your team to address the testing aspects that automation can't solve.

If you are using a legacy tool for test management, you may want to consider finding a new solution. These tools only support weak integrations and ultimately leave important data silod and difficult to find. The adoption of an enterprise-quality, agile tool like Zephyr Enterprise Edition can help alleviate these issues. Zephyr is capable of integrating with any test automation tool of your choice and, when executing these tests, everyone on your project team gets updated in real-time.

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