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Standardize Tracking The Execution Of Tests

Standardizing Test Metrics


What does it take to release a successful product in the shortest time possible? Undoubtedly, the quality of the product matters. This is a tough subject because “quality” is a loose term. But it does not always have to be. In fact, we will discuss how we can start to transform the idea of “quality” into quantitative metrics to ensure that your product performs as you would expect. In this QA metrics whitepaper, we will discuss how your organization can start applying quantitative metrics to measure software performance using standardized testing metrics. Learn about how you can measure:

  • Project-level metrics
  • Department-level metrics
  • Company-level metrics

At each level, you will gain crucial insight into calculating the quality of your products and avoid misunderstandings within your team, department, company, and most of all, with your customers. Download the whitepaper now to learn about how our approach will allow you start tracking and standardizing your test metrics today.