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Are You Using the Best Software Testing Tools?


The market is saturated with software testing tools that promise to make your testing process faster and better. There are free tools, open source tools, testing tools for specific types of software like mobile applications, and testing tools that can only be used for certain types of testing.

However, if you are working in agile, you need a software testing tool that works within your sprint and iteration cycles, enhances collaboration between stakeholders, boosts visibility into the quality cycle, and enables test automation. A Test Management platform, like Zephyr Enterprise Edition, includes these features and more:

  • End-to-end management of the testing lifecycle
  • Real-time reporting and metrics
  • Accessibility via the cloud or installed on-premise

Read the FREE Test Management Solution Buyer’s Guide for more information on how a Test Management platform can ensure that you realize the benefits of Agile testing. Download the guide by clicking on the image to the right.