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Software Testing Quality Metrics

QA Metrics in Software Testing


Is your idea of quality something that can be measured using quantifiable metrics? All too often, this isn't the case, leaving you with having to guess if something is simply good "enough." By incorporating QA metrics to assess quality, you'll be able to tackle issues head on using unbiased data. We have created a very detailed whitepaper to that will help you establish a testing system using QA metrics to take your testing to a whole new level. Learn how to quantify:

  • Requirements and requirements coverage
  • Defect distribution
  • Defect open and close rates
  • Execution trends
  • Mean time to detect and repair
  • Defect removal efficiency
  • Testing Trends
  • Defect Trends
  • Burn down charts
  • Issues reported by customers
  • Defect Severity
  • System outages and downtime
  • Expended efforts in problem solving

Read more about these important areas and more by downloading the free whitepaper and start your journey towards improving your QA process!