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Software Testing Management Tools

Release Higher Quality Software with Test Management Tools


Developers make software for a variety of purposes. But whether they're for work, play or something else, the goal is to get people to actually use their application. From an application construction standpoint, developers must attempt to anticipate the needs of customers from the outset. Once a general course is charted, however, they will also need to ensure that the software actually fulfills these needs, and does so in a way that engages the end user.

To do this effectively, defects need to be discovered and addressed as quickly as possible. When working in an agile environment, this means developers and testers are in constant communication - and this collaboration can only be supported if you have the right tools in place. Zephyr Enterprise Edition has become the preferred tool for agile organizations as it knocks down traditional silos and seamlessly integrates with tools you are already using, including: JIRA, Bugzilla, Selenium, Jenkins, DevOps tools, etc.

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