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Software Testing Best Practices

Best Practices in Agile Software Testing 


Agile software testing introduces significant changes in how and when testing is conducted. The focus on sprints means that testing resources are focused on fewer components for a shorter amount of time. And testing becomes a joint and collaborative responsibility between developers and QA, such that test-driven development becomes the focus of coding.

Some best practices you should incorporate into your agile testing are:

  • Breaking work items into much smaller chunks.
  • Improving throughput in an iteration.
  • Tracking cycle time.
  • Measuring velocity.
  • Reporting completion ratios.

Use a Test Management platform, like Zephyr Enterprise Edition, to implement these agile software best practices into your test process. Learn how Zephyr can help by clicking on the image to the right. Then download the FREE Step By Step Guide to Scaling Agile Across Project Teams and Departments.