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Software Quality Reports

Compiling Software Quality Reports


Proper tracking of testing metrics is crucial to software quality. They not only help testers and teams properly focus their attention, but company leaders and interested stakeholders can also see how QA processes are operating and to what degree they are actually succeeding.

There are no universal "best practices". Likewise, there are no "universal metrics" that will work in every capacity all of the time. It is critical that any organization that looks to make any measurements and assess any metrics do so with the goals and focus of their own organization, market, and environment. Do you know how to properly build your software quality reports?

Get your copy of our QA Metrics guide and learn what metrics you should be tracking at each level of your organization!

These metrics can be grouped into 3 basic levels and include:

  • Project-Level Metrics
  • Department-Level Metrics
  • Company-Level Metrics