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Software Quality Assurance Tools

Finding New Software Quality Assurance Tools


Competition in the software market has developed to the point where legacy platforms like HP QC can no longer keep up. Don't be held hostage by having to work with an aging, static UI that only works with certain browsers. Keep your entire project team efficient with a rich UI that is updated in real-time, doesn't need to refresh and is easy and intuitive to use.

Your QA teams are already using many other applications today including defect tracking tools like JIRA and Bugzilla, and automation tools like Selenium, etc. — yet they are currently being managed in silos. It's time to find a solution that can painlessly integrate these various tools and streamline your software quality efforts.

Check out our Test Management Buyer's Guide and discover how to find your perfect solution!

Areas discussed in the guide include:

  • Recognizing all potential costs
  • Reviewing your challenges and needs
  • Evaluating IT requirements
  • Determining required product capabilities