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Software Quality Assurance Metrics

Prevent bug-filled releases quality metrics


Due to competition in the software market, project teams are now facing severe pressure to get their latest products released as quickly as possible. These hasty product releases increase the risk of a defect-heavy products and ultimately end up backfiring on the organization, resulting in unhappy end users and bad press. To avoid being associated with poor quality practices and even worse quality products, project teams must have a centralized platform with high visibility to monitor and manage each step of the development cycle. Furthermore, QA managers must have the ability to gauge the effectiveness of their testing methods in the long run to identify and prevent systemic flaws. Quality test metrics provide snapshots of current projects as well insight into a big picture view of development progress.

This Whitepaper separates testing metrics into three basic tiers:

  • project-level metrics
  • department-level metrics
  • company-level metrics

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