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Software Manual Testing

QA Continues to Rely Heavily on Manual Testing 


The reality in the testing world is that that only a small percentage of companies have more than half their repositories automated. And more than a third have little or no automation! So manual testing continues to remain an important component of the QA toolbox. That means that you need testing tools that can not only support your manual testing efforts, but can help you move toward greater automation and increased productivity.

Whether your are using manual or automated testing, Zephyr increases the productivity of your team through automation and reduced data entry. By reusing schedules, tests, metrics and reports, Zephyr:

  • Prevents the constant flow of status reports
  • Reduces the amount of conference calls
  • Automates pass/fail test reporting
  • Reduces project kick off time

Download the FREE whitepaper Building Hyper-Productive Globally Distributed QA Teams by clicking on the image to the right. You'll learn how Zephyr can help improve manual testing and and improve productivity regardless of your team's location.