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Software Development Teams

Great Products Come From Great Collaboration


Perhaps one of the greatest challenges in making a process truly agile is to get developers and QA teams to work together. The reason for this is because these two teams have to work in ways that are much more interactive than they were accustomed to in their previous approach to managing a product lifecycle. In the Agile approach, developers and the QA team will have to work together during each iteration to develop and test any given feature. In doing so, this system allows them to quickly respond to any changes should they arise.  We have created a helpful guide that will help you get your QA and development teams to work together.  Learn about how to:

  • Create a unified team
  • Make the most use of metrics and chart progress
  • Communicate effectively across teams
  • Enable automation to improve the QA process

Read this and more in our free whitepaper and get started on optimizing your most important resource: your team!