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Software Development Qa

Fundamentals of Software QA


The job of software QA is to assure quality. It seems to be a simple concept, but one that is often misunderstood or misinterpreted by many in development and testing organizations. When we apply quality to the building and testing of software, the aim is to create software that:

  • Is free of defects
  • Works as designed
  • Has a high degree of stability 
  • Is of value to the user

Software in today's world is complex, and that complexity is increasing. So there has been much debate over whether bug free software is even feasible. It has become increasingly evident that QA can no longer test every possible outcome and every possible code path in a piece of software. Instead, a testing organization needs to balance quality, cost and time. This means that the definition of quality is not absolute.

A Test Management Platform, such as Zephyr Enterprise Edition, can help you determine how best to define quality for your organization. Learn more by downloading the FREE whitepaper Fundamentals of Quality Assurance by clicking on the image to the right.