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Software Development Metrics Examples

Examples of Software Development Metrics


The software market faces increasing competition. This situation has placed additional strain on QA to get their products released as soon as possible, making the risk of releasing products with substantial defects a reality.

QA metrics are a valuable source of information to help streamline and improve the testing process. Metrics provide a high level of oversight and accountability during the development process. Examples of valuable metrics include:

  • Project-level metrics. Provides insight into day-to-day operations.
  • Department-level metrics. Gives insight across multiple projects and groups.
  • Company-level metrics. Identifies the number of quality problems experienced by end-users.

Tracking and measuring the quality of software development and testing efforts is made significantly easier by using a Test Management Solution such as Zephyr Enterprise Edition. Download the FREE whitepaper The Value of Testing Metrics Within Software Development for more information. Just click on the image to the right.