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Scaling Software Agility

Scaling Your Agile Testing


Most QA organizations are using some agile testing, yet scaling that effort is one of the biggest challenges facing testing teams today. In fact, less than 30% of surveyed QA organizations were completely agile! Clearly agile is a journey and a lot of companies have a long way to go to become Agile in the way they approach their testing.

Though the drum beat for more agile testing is growing, the lack of process is a major stumbling block. So you need a tool that helps you put the right processes in place and then align with those processes. Zephyr Enterprise Edition, a Test Management Platform specifically architected for Agile, has these features. Which means that the adoption and scaling of agile testing is now achievable. 

Read the report How the World Tests for more information on scaling your agile testing efforts. It's FREE and downloadable just by clicking the image to the right.