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Scaling Agile Test Management

Scaling Agile Test Management Across Departments


Organizations are beginning to incorporate Agile approaches, which can cause challenges for many businesses if they are not guided through the obstacles. As software development practices have changed to fluid and responsive processes from ones that were slow and clunky, QA and Dev. teams need to collaborate to adhere to the tenets of Agile. This is a much more difficult process for larger enterprises with their strict guidelines and the value placed on stability.

Some of the team challenges that need to be overcome include:

  • Breakdown the culture of BA vs. Developer vs. Tester
  • Get delivery teams involved in the envisioning phase
  • Creating short, repeatable release cycles

Continuous improvement is crucial when scaling Agile across teams and departments, so know that there will be hiccups along the way. Download the FREE whitepaper to learn how to minimize these obstacles and bring Agile to your organization!