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Scaling Agile Teams

Build Quality Products Through Scaling Agile


Agility shouldn't just scale up to support a growing number of team members; it should also scale across the value chain which helps deliver a valuable product. Collaboration is critical to ensure that your Agile teams build quality products, and doing this across teams and departments is a large undertaking.

Agile seems to be everywhere, so why are teams still having problems with adopting these new methods? When there isn't complete buy-in to the new roles and responsibilities team members will have, this transition is bound to fail.

Some areas where teams still have trouble include:

  • Creating automated delivery pipelines
  • Working in shorter release cycles
  • Changing the delivery culture

Agile allows you to not only release software more frequently, but value as well. Discover more about the importance of scaling agile across teams in the free white paper - download it today!