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Scaling Agile Project Teams

Allow Teams to Collaborate to Create Quality Software


As the proliferation of Agile culture continues to grow, its impact on how internal teams work together is even more evident. QA processes need to change to adapt to the increased complexity and rapid pace of software development. This change can be met with great resistance, though, as a lot of teams and organizations don't want to stray from the stable and reliable processes they have standardized on.

Making the transition to Agile is a journey, and ensuring success starts with small activities that are executed day in and day out. It is a lot of hard work and requires complete buy-in from the entire team to work in these new, faster processes.

Some challenges that need to be overcome include:

  • The overall software delivery culture
  • Ensuring teams are equipped to work in shorter release cycles
  • Getting all team members involved in ideation phase

Constant feedback in to a learning loop is a fundamental aspect of agile, and measuring your success as you progress through your agile transformation is crucial. Discover more about scaling agility in the white paper - Download it now!