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Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile Testing to Multiple Software Teams


In today's competitive market, everyone wants to be able to ship software faster. Application complexity and dwindling budgets don't make this any easier, so moving to Agile principles is something many teams are undertaking. A lot of teams have successfully made this transition, but many organizations are struggling to scale these processes across multiple teams.

This is especially noticeable in larger companies that have come to value the repeatable processes that they have developed over time. Some major obstacles that have to be overcome include:

  • Adapting to the new software delivery culture
  • Preparing teams to work with shorter release cycles
  • Involving all team members in the ideation phase

True agile programs require teams to bring in new frameworks, configure new servers, and start using new tools - all at the drop of a hat. To learn some concrete steps on how to scale Agile across your software teams, download the FREE whitepaper!