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Requirements Coverage

Properly Tracking Requirements Coverage


Requirements should be clearly outlined at the start of any new development project, so team members understand what goals they should be striving toward. The quality of a finished piece of software is often defined by its ability to meet the requirements laid out by developers at the outset of production.

If these guidelines are not clearly defined or present significant challenges for them to be met, testers may stumble when conducting their work. Monitoring the effectiveness of these stipulations is absolutely essential to ensuring that a development project gets off on the right foot and maintains its trajectory. How effectively are you covering your requirements?

Get your copy of our QA Metrics whitepaper and learn how to properly track a whole host of metrics to improve your software quality!

Other project-level metrics this guide will teach you how to track include:

  • Defect Distribution by Status and Phase
  • Defect Open and Close Rates
  • Execution Trends by Status and User