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Repeatable And Reliable Testing Processes

Zephyr Gives You Repeatable and Reliable Testing


Your testing processes have taken a long time to mature and be validated. This has involved the creation of test plans and test cases, the development of manual and automatic test scenarios, and the introduction and adoption of testing tools. Given this investment, you can't reinvent the wheel for each new release or product. Zephyr Enterprise Edition can help ensure that your QA processes are repeatable and reliable.

Zephyr's comprehensive suite of test management products fosters global project-team collaboration, drives down costs, shortens release cycles, and provides real-time visibility into the quality and status of software projects. Zephyr is best suited for QA departments that have mature processes and run thousands of executions per week. This amount of testing, often across multiple projects, requires the a reliable testing tool like Zephyr.

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