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Reduce Defects

Using BDD to Reduce Defects


The goal of any QA organization, and of the various processes and tools used, is to reduce defects and create better quality software. Behavior-Driven development (BDD) can improve your approach to development and testing and reduce defects. The BDD methodology’s goal is to bring the most important code and test cases to the fore and to improve communication between business analysts and your development and test organizations. Using BDD changes:

  • The way you write code and test cases
  • How you test code
  • How you measure your results

Used with agile, BDD is reflected by the introduction of user stories and acceptance criteria as part of the software development process. Want to learn more about BDD and how this methodology can reduce defects? Then click on the image to the right to receive your FREE version of How Behavior Driven Development Can Fuel Your Software Testing Program!