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Quality In Software Development

Understanding the Meaning of Quality in Software


It comes as a surprise to many in development and testing organizations that quality can not be defined absolutely. Software has become so complex that QA can't be expected to test every possible code path or outcome in an application. Frequent debates on whether bug free software is even feasible has indicated that QA organizations need to balance quality with cost and time. 

You can use a Test Management Solution, such as Zephyr Enterprise Edition, to help you understand what quality means for your organization. In addition to determining the acceptable level of bugs, you need to ensure that the software:

  • Has a high degree of stability 
  • Works as designed
  • Is of value to the user

Download the FREE whitepaper Fundamentals of Quality Assurance by clicking on the image to the right. This whitepaper provides a greater explanation of the meaning of quality in software development.