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Quality Center Jira Integration

Zephyr for Test Management Capabilities in JIRA


Want to integrated HP Quality Center with JIRA? Don’t even bother. Quality Center is about as legacy as they get. An aging user interface that only works with certain flavors of browsers, static reports and expensive licensing. And support? Forget about it.

Zephyr Enterprise Edition is the number 1 JIRA testing add-on. Over 9,000 customer all over the world understand that with Zephyr integrated with JIRA they get:

  • Improved Usability. A rich, real-time user interface improves project team productivity and multasking.
  • Enhanced Integrations. Seamless integration with JIRA allows you to test right inside JIRA
  • Real-time Reporting. Interactive, drill-down metrics and free dashboards.
  • Reduced licensing and deployment costs. All-inclusive global licensing model and the flexibility of SaaS or on-premise deployment.

Need more reasons to ditch Quality Center? Click the image to the right to download the FREE guide Top 5 Reason to Ditch Legacy.